Friday, August 16, 2013

August Happenings

This summer has flown by SO FAST! Soooo fast! I honestly can't believe that Grace will be starting preschool in just a couple weeks (and not just because I can't believe I actually have a PRESCHOOLER now). So before September finally sneaks up on us, here's a quick recap of some of our happenings this month.

A few weeks ago, we headed out to a local farmers market that we'd heard good things about called White House Fruit Farm...and we fell quickly in love. What's not to love about farm fresh produce, baked goods, a wide variety of butters, syrups, and treats, and the most delicious donuts in the world (especially they're famous blueberry...mmm...). Anyways, other than the (yummy) donuts, we also picked up some corn, peaches, and zucchini and it's been SO neat to eat locally grown food!

Bethany is getting to the age where she's playing more and more with Grace and it's so rewarding to see them having fun together.
One thing they've done lately is have some bus races around the house. Silly girls.

They've tried on costumes (which makes me SO excited for Halloween):

They've had piggy-back-ride races around the house (one of their all-time favorite things).
Bethany's always my little buddy for them and she squeals and shakes with delight and laughter when we chase Travis and Grace.

And they've played with some new outdoor toys that our elderly neighbors were VERY generous to give them (now that their only grandchild is too big for them).
It's so cute to see them playing house together.

And squealing and laughing as they go down the slide again and again.
This is Grace "smiling" for me. ;)

You may be wondering why this is happening in August since Grace's birthday was back in May, but, long story short...My parents were very kind and offered to get Grace a bike for her birthday. I had searched various stores and Craigslist for a bike for her back in May, but although she SAID she wanted one, she never really showed enough interest in them. Finally we figured out that she was intimidated by a big girl bike but would love a tricycle. So, after hunting down the same kind that she rides at the park and loves (and some shipping drama that in the end meant getting it for a great price), she finally got her bike last week!

She was so excited to see the package arrive from FedEx and help dad put it together!

She even got out her own little toy tools to help. :)
Grace on her new ride:

One happy trike owner:

It's been a fun month so far and we're looking forward to some more fun adventures before school begins!


Anonymous said...

Love those cute girls! So love seeing that happy girl on her new trike. Grammy

Tia Wray said...

I love the costumes!!!

anita holloway said...

Thanks for the update and the cute pictures of your happy little girls. We're glad things are going well and you are happy in Youngstown. What a nice neighbor you have.