Saturday, November 14, 2015

Bethany's 4th Birthday

Since Bethany's birthday fell on a Sunday this year, we decided to spread out the festivities and make it a birthday weekend!
On Friday, I got to take her on a special birthday date.
Bethany wanted to have her birthday lunch at Burger King, where she picked chicken nuggets, apple slices, and apple juice for her kid's meal.

A big ice cream lover, she then chose to trade her toy in for an ice cream cone, and happily savored each delicious little lick and bite. ;)

We had a lot of fun talking, wearing crowns, dancing to the music, and playing in the play place.


These curls. Perfection. I hope she always loves her beautiful hair as much as everyone else does.

After lunch, we headed to Target where we cruised the isles and picked out some party favors for her to share with her preschool friends the following Tuesday.
Then we went to the mall, where she got to choose her first birthday present--an outfit for her build a bear. It was a tough call between a super girl outfit and Elsa, but Elsa won out. ;) She had fun picking out her dress, crown, and sparkly purple shoes.

Matching Bethany and bear Elsas. Sooo cute!

Saturday morning, we made her long-anticipated birthday breakfast of cinnamon rolls, bacon, and banana. (For months now, she's been so excited for her birthday cinnamon rolls and cinnamon roll cake. ;) )

While Kaylee and Cambree took their nap, Travis got his turn for a date with the birthday girl, and took Grace and Bethany to the dollar theatre to watch Inside Out (a movie that all of us have been eager to see.) Wearing her new birthday outfit (a Princess Sophia shirt and her favorite jeggings):

While they were gone, I decorated the house...

(the girls all had fun with the balloons)

...and prepped Bethany's birthday dinner. Travis decorated the kids pizza with a B for Bethany:

We all enjoyed her yummy dinner of pizza (alfredo, BBQ, veggie, and cheese), fruit salad, broccoli, Doritos, and gold fish.

Then she opened up a couple presents. Bethany's favorite toys right now are Little People princesses, so we got her Aurora and the good fairies to add to her collection. :)

Sunday morning poor Bethany woke up sick, which made me very grateful that we did most of the celebrating early! She tried to eat some breakfast, but ended up spending most of the morning and afternoon lying on the couch watching movies with Travis while I took the rest of the kids to church. We all felt so bad that she was sick for her birthday. Sweet Cambree even tried to comfort her before we left for church. :)

Feeling some better after we got home, we all had yummy leftovers for dinner with my parents, then had cake and ice cream. It was a princess themed party, so I Grace and I made a cinnamon roll cake (as requested), then decorated the cake with Frozen decals.

Enjoying her "birthday cake" ice cream. :)

Grace happily did "heavy heavy hangs" for Bethany with her presents.

Grammy and Poppy got Bethany her own set of Little People princesses which she has loved playing with since.

She also got a few other presents, including some new dress up clothes for our dress-up loving girl:

And then we just enjoyed playing before bed. Kaylee and Cambree loving on Poppy:

Poppy and Cambree:

Kaylee and Grammy:

Bethany, at 4 you like to eat Honey Bunches of Oats, chocolate chip pancakes, cinnamon toast, strawberries, Club crackers, pizza, chicken nuggets, broccoli, pears, cookies, and m'n'ms. You love to play with Little People, Lego people and dogs, dress up, write letters, and play pretend. You love the color purple, dogs and other animals, colorful leaves, and watching Wishenpoof, Wonderpets, and Blues Clues. You're a good singer, love to read books with mom and dad, like to help cook, and love to snuggle. You're getting better and better at expressing yourself and seem a little older every day. But most of all, you are such a sweet girl and we love you with all our hearts. Happy birthday big girl!

Friday, October 23, 2015

Bethany's First Field Trip

On October 13th, I got to take Bethany on her first field trip. All of the 3 year old preschool classes went to Countryside Farms, a little farm near Poland, Ohio, for some harvest time fun.

When we got there, the farm had all of these cute things set up for the kids to explore and take pictures by. Some of the art they had was really impressive!
 The first stop of the trip was a wagon ride through the woods. It was so fun to snuggle my Bethany on our short ride through the beautiful countryside. 

The farm had lots of fun decorations set up in the woods as well, like witches, ghosts, and Disney characters. We had a good time spotting everything along our path, and thinking about how the rest of our family would have enjoyed the decorations too, especially Grace.

After the wagon ride, we took a quick stop to see the pigs. We had never seen this species of pig before so that was neat!

Then we headed over to the pumpkin patch. Bethany quickly chose her little pumpkin, and then helped me pick out mine as well. I loved that we both got to take one home. They are now making the cutest decorations for our front porch.


Showing off our prized pumpkins:

A girl from a neighboring ward was there with her daughter as well, and she was kind enough to take a few pictures for us. I LOVE how they turned out!

Next, we headed to the corn maze. I couldn't help but think about Travis as we did it because we always do them with him.

We meandered through the maze for a while, and then Bethany and a little preschool friend helped us find our way out.

We finished the field trip with a snack of popcorn and apple cider...

...and a quick pic with one of Bethany's preschool teachers, Miss Collette, who Bethany loves.

We had a great time! I was grateful I got to go on her first field trip with her and have a fun mommy-daughter date together.

 Now I'm looking forward to volunteering at both Grace and Bethany's harvest/Halloween parties next week!


Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Canfield Fair

The Canfield Fair is a big event here in Youngstown, and something we wanted to check off our "Youngstown bucket list" before we move away next year.
We got to the fair shortly after it opened last Saturday morning, which worked out perfectly. The crowds were sparse and the temperature was still cool.

Our first stop of the day was the bee and honey exhibit, where we learned about modern beekeeping. It's pretty neat how it works!

Next, we headed to the animal barns. First up was the 4-H ponies.
Cambree was interested in this pony until it got a little too close and personal ;)

Bethany loves animals and enjoyed petting several of the ponies.

After the ponies was the bunny barn. There were so many different kind of bunnies--small, giant, spotted, fluffy, etc. Most of them were so cute and soft looking!

Bethany so sweetly talked to many of the animals. "Hello bunny! Hello bunny!" She sure has a sweet little heart.

After the bunnies was the sheep and goat barn. Even Cambree got in on the petting action and pet one of the sheep. She loves animals too, and always gets excited when we see dogs on our walks. It was neat to hear animals being shown in the background for different competitions as we wandered through the various barns.

Then we headed to "Old McDonald's Barn", the official petting zoo part of the fair (not just 4-H show animals), and also cruised by some cows on the way. Bethany and Grace got to hold a rabbit there, which they were pretty excited about, and pet some other animals as well.

Petting a cute little donkey.

As we were making our way back to the other side of the fair to visit some friends, we stopped in a booth that happened to have some beanie babies for $1, so each of the girls got to pick one out as their "treat."

My parents neighbors participate in Civil War reenactments, and were there as part of the fair this year. This is Theresa and her grandma. Grace rides on the same school bus as Theresa, and her and Bethany love to play with Theresa when they go to my parents house for rest time. 

Checking out Theresa's tent.

Cambree and Kaylee spent most of the 4 hours we were there in their strollers. They were such troopers!

The part of the fair I was most excited about was the historic village. Historic buildings from the area (from the 1800 and early 1900's) have been moved here over time (like a log cabin, schoolhouse, library, blacksmith shop, country store, doctors office, lawyers office, etc.) and it was really neat to see and step back in history for awhile. 


The log cabin:

There was some old time music playing in the background as I was exploring the buildings, and I headed back over to where everyone was having a snack to see Grace and Bethany dancing in the gazebo. It was a sweet candid moment.

Grace and my dad checking out the old schoolhouse.

Often as soon as we go outside, Cambree will immediately search the ground for a stick, which is what she and Kaylee are doing here (having just been released from the strollers). I love that about my little adventurer.

Another candid moment. Turned from hanging out by Kaylee (while my parents, Grace, and Bethany explored the old train) to see Travis and Cambree stomping in a puddle. Such a sweet daddy moment!

My parents treated the girls to a couple rides each. Bethany's first choice was the pony rides. She had the BIGGEST SMILE on her face almost the entire ride. She loved it!

Grace's first ride was a pirate adventure obstacle course. She was a little overwhelmed by it all at first, but eventually made her way through it and had a good time.

Bethany's second ride was the kid's ferris wheel. She was pretty scared at the beginning, but warmed up to it as the ride went on. I was proud of her for facing her fear and sticking it out!

Grace's last ride was the batman ship ride. She had a blast going round and round, trying to shoot us with her laser beam.

After the rides, we grabbed some fair food--a Molner's cinnamon roll--and happened upon the cutest puppet show in our quest to find a place to eat it. The kids loved the Muppet and Sesame Street themed show, and we ended up watching it twice and enjoying the shade. Kaylee watching the show:

In between shows, Grace and Bethany made some edible fires (with pretzles, French fry chips, marshmallows, red hots, and candy corn) at the Camp Fire Girls booth. It was such a cute craft and fun treat.

Me and my love.

The best part of the puppet show as getting to snuggle my sweet Cambree. She's such a go-go girl that I treasure every second of cuddle time with her.

While I cuddled Cambree, Kaylee snuggled Grammy and Poppy:

 By this time, the temperature was HOT and the kids were ready for a rest, so we grabbed one last treat--an elephant ear-- and headed home.
We had a great morning, and were so glad we finally made it to the fair!