Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bunk Beds!

Travis made some cinnamon rolls this morning in honor of General Conference. As we were eating them, Grace announced "Do you know, my tongue loves sometime food" (meaning snacks, treats, etc.). I giggled inside, thinking "how true that is--for all of us!" :)

Travis finished setting up the girls' bunk beds after breakfast, and when Bethany came in and saw it, she excitedly climbed on her bed, tucked herself in and said "I like it! I like it!" It made me so happy.

Grace was sitting next to me on the couch this afternoon when she pointed to my glasses and said "I wish I could have glasses like that. I wish I could be mommy." It was so sweet.

Bethany wanted to look at the pictures I had taken on my camera. As we were looking at them, she saw a picture I had taken of her earlier laying in her new bed, and commented "I really cute." LOL!

After we did bedtime stuff tonight, we told Grace that she needed to go potty now since she wouldn't be able to get down once we tucked her in (she's comfortable climbing up to the top bunk but too scared to climb down the ladder yet). As she walked to the bathroom, she asked "Is that why you go the bunk beds?" ( I wouldn't get out of bed?) Trav and I just busted up laughing, then Trav replied "No, that's not why we got them...but that is a definite perk." She is SO clever! And she looked so happy and proud being up on the top bunk tonight.

Both the girls did so well tonight with the bunk beds! We kept overhearing Grace reminding Bethany of the rules ;), and Bethany only came out of the room once (and out of her bed a handful of times). So proud of our big girls!

Today's Pictures:
After a week, the bunk beds are finally finished and up! It's been a labor of love, but we're loving them!

The girls were so excited!

All snuggled in after saying "I like it!"
Grace looked so proud tonight being a big girl sleeping on the top bunk. It melted my heart.

Grace coloring during General Conference. The girls really did a good job being reverent (considering), and we were proud of them for it.

Our sweet Kaylee and Cambree are 3 months old today! They are getting so big! They're holding their arms up lots now, standing really well with support, getting better and better at tummy time, and smiling more and more (especially when we talk and sing to them). They're also sleeping better at night, waking only 1-2 times, and are napping for shorter periods during the day (1 hour naps instead of the former 2, which I have to admit is a sad day, as much as I love to be with them ;)). We sure love our sweet babies!

Big sisters love their babies big time!

All 4 girls!



Saturday, April 5, 2014

I can't fly!

This morning, Bethany asked me to help her put on some dress-up fairy wings we have. I did, and didn't think much of it until a minute or two later Bethany told us seriously "I can't fly! I can't fly!" She had thought that the wings would truly make her fly and was so surprised and disappointed that they didn't! It was so sad!

Grace has just started this thing where she's taken it upon herself to make assignments for people to take care of the babies. For instance, I'll lay one of them on the ground and she'll say "Bethany, watch Cambree!" Another example: the other day she was keeping an eye on them for me while I was quickly doing something in another room, when she called out to us with a big sigh "I'm just watching both the babies!" It's too cute!

Today's pictures:
Our neighbor Mary Carol has a granddaughter (named Grace) who recently got a puppy, and the girls love it! Bethany chased it all over the yard and kept scooping it up and holding it--no fear whatsoever!

Grace loved chasing it around and holding it too:

Friday, April 4, 2014

Oh brother!

This morning, Bethany was drinking some water when she accidentally spilled a little on her shirt. Pointing it out to me, I said "Oh, did you spill?" and she replied "I spilled. Oh, brother!"

I was sitting next on the ground when Grace came up to me and giving me a hug said "I just want to give you a big hug. Because I love you mom." It totally melted my heart.

Kaylee smiled and cooed when  I told her "You're so beautiful" this afternoon. It was adorable!

Today's Pictures:
Grace loves to hold her little sister's hands. Cambree was holding on tight and wouldn't let Grace go, and she thought it was so neat!

Playing in the box we got our Amazon delivery in:

Travis and I just decided that Grace was old enough to be read chapter books, so he started reading her "The Magicians Nephew" today. Grace's bed has become the new reading spot for it, and so far Grace is loving it (even claiming reading it with Trav to be the best part of her day)!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Kaylee Baby

Today, I was singing "Rubber Duckie" to Kaylee, but subbing out the title words with "Kaylee baby." Halfway through, Kaylee started smiling at me when I said her name. It was so cute!

Today's Picture:
Cambree has just discovered her hand and loves to put it in her mouth!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Poppy's not here!

Grace had just left her room this morning, when I heard Bethany call from her crib "Grace, I wanna play wit you! Grace I wanna play wit you!"

Grace was talking about how much she loved our babies and how she wanted (me to have) more babies, then she said "When I'm a mommy, I'll get babies, and I'm going to name them Kaylee and little Cambree."

Since the girls woke me up before I got a chance to read my scriptures, I invited Grace to read them with me. After reading a scripture about how Jesus was resurrected and lives again, Grace said "But I don't see Him!" I replied that we need to have faith to see Him. Then she meekly responded, "But we have faith!" I then went on to retell her the story of the brother of Jared, to which she said "I remember this!" It was such a tender moment.

This morning, I was showing Grace pictures of a couple of the bedding sets I was considering buying her and Bethany. Pointing at one of them, I told her that one of them had poppies on it. Excited to hear my dad's nickname, she said "Poppy!" Bethany, hearing our conversation, immediately started informing us "Poppys not here! Poppys not here!" Taking a minute for  us to understand, she came right over to us, and putting her arm out, explained again "See? Poppy's (grandpa is) not here!" It was so funny!

Just before that, Grace had been sitting on my lap, and we kept saying back in forth "I love you so so much." It melted my heart.

A few minutes later, noticing that Bethany had taken a few of the kitchen things that she had been playing with, Grace asked her "Bethany, can you give a pan to me please?" After a pause, Bethany replied "OooooK."

After breakfast, Grace went over to Bethany and give her a hug. After they were done hugging, Bethany said "I yuv you." It was too sweet!

Today's Pictures:
Grace and Bethany rediscovered these pom poms we got a few years ago and had so much fun playing with them!

Kaylee showing off her guns ;)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Cheek Kisses

This morning, I was singing "Mmm mmm went the little green frog..." to Cambree, and she started sticking out her tongue when I was and smiling too. It was too cute!

Just before dinner, the girls were playing in the little playhouse in our garage. Bethany went in first, and when Grace came up to the door, she said "You wanna play too? Come in! Come in!" She sure loves to play with her big sister.

At bedtime tonight, Grace had her arms around me from behind while we were saying the prayer, and she and I kept giving each other cheek kisses. It was so sweet.

Today's Pictures:
Bethany, one of the world's best hunkerers.

Cambree chillin in the swing:

Monday, March 31, 2014

I swimming!

This morning, I came in to the kitchen to find Bethany dancing and moving her arms. Smiling, I asked her "Are you swimming?" "I swimming!" she enthusiastically replied. So I joined in the fun and we swam together and giggled in the kitchen.

This afternoon, as I was singing "I am a child of God" with Bethany before laying her down for her rest, the song suddenly morphed from sweet to silly, and by the end of the first verse, we were singing in "whale voices" (think Finding Nemo--low voices with our mouths in an "O" shape), and by the third verse, we were singing with angry lion faces and giggling.
After I laid her down, I explained to her that her lovey blanket was dirty and that I would put it in the wash in just a minute so it would be ready for her after her rest. She replied "No no no! It not dirty! Don't wash it! It not dirty!"
A little while later, I heard her asking for me, so I went in. When I walked up to her crib, she wrapped her arms around herself and said "I cold. I need a blanket" (meaning her lovey blanket). Oh my silly girl!

Today's Pictures:
Bethany showing sister some toys:

Grace the gangster, having fun in the sun ;)