Saturday, December 8, 2012

Nativity Display

Every year at the Kirtland Visitors Center they put on an international nativity display. We've gone almost every year we've lived out here. It's a wonderful way to get in the Christmas spirit and remember the true meaning of Christmas.
People from around the area donate nativities that they've collected from around the world for use in this display. It's amazing to see the variety, creativity, and craftsmanship of these nativities.
I've always been intrigued by nativities made out of metal; they're so unique.
A small flower ornament nativity; Grace loved this one:
A beautifully carved nativity from Asia:
A centerpiece of the collection: an intricately carved nativity made of olive wood from the holy land. It was simply beautiful.
I loved this painting for the way Mary is tenderly holding Jesus, and the look of wonder on the young shepherd's face.

LOVE this nativity set. Maybe someday...:)

An adorable children's nativity:

I thought this was such a unique design:

My favorite nativity from the display. I think it's so perfect that it's incorporated in the word "love" since God's love is what's at the heart of Christmas.

I thought this was so neat--a transparent plate nativity:

They do such a marvelous job with the display every year:

The best part of this display is that it's family friendly. They have a great kids room set up with kid-friendly nativities for the kids to play with, puzzles, books, dress up clothes, and a Christmas movie for the kids to watch. The movie they played this year was called "The Very First Noel" and told the Christmas story from a wise man's perspective. It was really interesting.

My parents gave the girl's an early Christmas present of a Little People nativity. They LOVE it and were so excited to see the same nativity here.

Grace loves to play dress up, so these clothes and crowns were a big hit:

Bethany loved playing with the crowns too.

We also watched a short movie made by the Church on the account from Luke 2. We had a great time and were glad we got to do it one last time!


Rachel Holloway said...

awww! Our fave! We MISS that place so much! Thank you for sharing the pictures--I can remember the beautiful spirit we felt there!!

anita holloway said...

What a wonderful experience and a perfect way to begin the Christmas season. Thank you for sharing it with us!